QPI/QPM is ideally suited for long term live cell imaging. As a result, we’ve collected a number of visualizations of cell behavior over the years. A few of them are shared below:
Edward R. Polanco, Tarek E. Moustafa, Andrew Butterfield, Sandra D. Scherer, Emilio Cortes-Sanchez, Tyler Bodily, Benjamin T. Spike, Bryan E. Welm, Philip S. Bernard, and Thomas A. Zangle, “Multiparametric quantitative phase imaging for real-time, single cell, drug screening in breast cancer,” Communications Biology, 2022, 5. 794. link.

Neurite formation and dynamics

Soorya Pradeep, Tasmia Tasnim, Huanan Zhang, and Thomas A. Zangle, “Simultaneous measurement of neurite and neural body mass accumulation via quantitative phase imaging,” Analyst 2021, 146. 1361-1368. (link). 2021 Nikon Small World in Motion Honorable Mention

Cell division

Thomas A. Zangle, Jennifer Chun, Jin Zhang, Jason Reed and Michael A. Teitell, “Quantification of biomass and cell motion in human pluripotent stem cell colonies,” Biophysical Journal 2013, 105. 593-601. (pdf) (commentary)